Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Trash to Treasures

For about the last year (I think) I have been really drawn to antiques.  Now, it was brought to my attention that in my younger life, I would of laughed at the thought.  That "I" would ever collect old junk.  Well, my have I changed.  I now getting gitty with glee at the idea of wandering through antique stores. And I am talking wanting to pee my pants gitty.  Odd I know.  But what can I say.  I just go with it.

So far I am just starting my collection.  I have an old water basin, a great butter churner (that my BFF got me), some skeleton keys, jars, and frames.  These will all rest nicely in my dream home, that has yet to be found or purchased.  But yes, they will reside there.

Here are some pictures from an antique faire we went to this month.  There were 800 vendors at this faire.  I was a little overwhelmed, and so freakin' GITTY!!!!

I love me some burlap

Max was a pretty good sport too :)

great vintage clothes

Rob found a vintage classical guitar, but didn't buy it.  We got him an old liquor bottle instead 

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