Friday, June 15, 2012

new chapters

So now that Max is coming up on his first birthday, I feel it is about time for this mama to branch out and do some extra curricular activities sans monster.  For the first 12 months I was really content not doing more than being a full time mama.  All though hard at times, it is very fulfilling.  Being there for every step, squeak and milestone has been wonderful.  But now, I feel like I need a little more.  Lets not get hasty though, I'm not going back to work or anything...blech! But I am going to start volunteering at my last job in the food back.  I had this intention before I left my job last year.  Saying, "I'll be back" as I ran out the door, clocking out for the last time.  It has just taken me a little longer than I anticipated.  Anyways, I am super stoked for this chapter.  I have a nanny all lined up.  Her name is Sarah, and she comes highly recommended from my BFF Merry.  She will watch the monster every Friday for four hour while I go back into the world.

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I am eager to start this.  A little time for me, talking with other adults about things that don't revolve around diapers, nursing or poop.  Well maybe some poop talk. Poop stories always make me laugh. The sort of laugh that usually involves tears and maybe a snort.

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