Thursday, May 2, 2013

hiding out

not me, but kind of looks like me.
Shhhh, she is hiding.

I am currently hiding in my room.  I need a break.  A break from being asked "whats for dinner", and/or a break from Max repeatedly asking, "up, up".  I just needed a BREAK.  I will go back out there and resume my mama-duties, but for now I am enjoying the muffled noised of husband and son playing in the living room while I type away in my bedroom.  Windows open, and a slight breeze running across my face.

Now the scenario I mentioned above is no different than any other day or hour, but right now at this moment I just wanted to put my invisibility cloak on and pretend that mama has gone far, far away.

Sounds so mean as I read this back out loud to myself, and then again, probably resonates with so many of you Mama's out there.  We all need breaks.  Whether from kids, partners, animals, technology, or what have you.  A moment to regroup is important.  And its nearly impossible to do with a toddler tugging at your shirt, or sticking his finger in your belly button, or driving his cars up and down your leg.

What do you do in these moments?  Where you are able to be alone with your thoughts?  I hope you aren't like me and start making lists of what needs to be done tomorrow, or where that extra $100 dollars went that you have been saving.

Right now, after I send off this post, I am going to try and focus on all the good in my life.  And I am going to put my wishes and dreams out into the universe in hopes that they come back to me.  And I am going to try to do this with out falling asleep.

Wish me luck.


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