Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Haps....

Since I haven't done "monthly" updates I thought I would just list some of the current happenings in Max's life.

The good-

He is talking more and more as understanding a lot.  He gets his shoes when I ask, throws always his dirty diapers, grabs wine bottles from the wine fridge, and tells me to lay in my bed when he wants to snuggle.  He also tells me when he wants to walk, swing, and get in the car. 

The bad...

He still hits his mama, daddy and Obbie.
He loves the word no, and wait. As in WAIT, it's not time for bed.  He refuses to eat anything I make. And I'm making damn good food people!

The ugly.....

He refuses to get into his car seat. It's war every time we get to the car.  He uses all his kiddie-mite to fight us. Biting, swinging at us, screaming.  We have had to resort to pinching his nose to distract and divert his tantrum.  And I have now also reduced myself to that mama, you know the one who brides with candy. Oh yes! I did.  

We are now on to operation Jelly Belly.  Wish us luck folks.


  1. As much as we all hate to bribe, sometimes desperate times call for desperate measures. Isn't it crazy how strong they are??? And stubborn? Toddler life is tough sometimes. Just focus on the good (and have another glass of wine).

  2. Glad you said that. :)

    And the wine totally helps!