Thursday, March 6, 2014

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This weeks words, Declaring, Saving, Demolishing, Sniffing, and Despising.

I am declaring a few things.  That my clothes will fit me properly and that I won't want to wear spanx with jeans anymore.  I am also declaring that I will get pregnant before Max turns 3.  Not sure why that's my timeline but it is. (this may also be problematic in my clothes fitting).  And I am declaring that the next three months in California will be awesome!  Which I know will not be a problem.  It is setting up to me a great time!  Max is declaring to do things on his own.  Brush his own teeth, go to school, and snuggle (which he has been declaring since he could speak).

I am saving my money for new furniture for our California house.  I want a king size bed and a new couch.  Other than that we are pretty set.  Just a few visits to Hobby Lobby,   World Market, and Homegoods and I will be happy happy happy!

Max is demolishing everything.  Demoing puddles, cars, buildings, Ozzie and his mother.  I am currently only demolishing twix bars and loads of carbohydrates.  The white devils that they are.

Max has also been sniffing things now.  Before I would try to make him smell things like flowers or his feet.  He usually only copies the motions, but now he actually takes a big inhale.  "That smells good mama".

I am starting to despise the battles that Max and I are having.  Thankfully they aren't all day or everyday, but they are enough to wear me down.  I know he is finding his independence, but damn child-my way or the highway! Got it?  Well no, he definitely 
doesn't have it and probably never will.


  1. I must have missed the post, why are you spending three months in Cali?

    1. Oh, every year we spend the spring and fall in Cali because my hubby works there. He works remotely from Seattle, but he likes to be in Cali as much as possible. SO we decided that would we go as a family twice a year. Its nice, breaks up the crappy weather here :)