Monday, March 10, 2014

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I mentioned last year that we bought a house in California.  This was a big deal for us, buying a second home and not in our beloved Seattle.  Although it had been in the talks for some years, it was scary and exciting to actually pull the trigger.  Now we bought this house with the intent of moving once Max entered school.  This is purely my choice.  The hubby is ready to pack up ship and head south now. For me, I am not ready.  I am not ready to leave my friends.  I know this sounds co-dependent, and for the record I am working on it.  But my friends are my family.  They have seen me at my worst and weakest.  My most triumphant, and blissful.  They are the first I would call with great news, and who I would turn to if I needed a shoulder.  How could I leave them?  All purely selfish.  It isn't really about them needing me, but me needing them.  In Cali I have made some sweet friends.  But it is very difficult to build community and lasting relationships when you are only there a few months out of the year.

So anyways.  I apologize for the tangent.  We leave next week for our three month stay in California.  Our goal is to make our new house, homey!  We have bought a couch, and a big ol' king sized bed.  And I was so stoked with those purchases.  And how to create Max's oasis.  He will be turning three in June so I think it is time to get him a big boy bed.  I am a little reluctant because I like our jail, I mean crib just as it is.  It works and it is easy.  But he can't be a baby forever.  SO since he will have a big ol' room, I wanted to take advantage of the space and make it magical.

What do you think?
The bed I found on Amazon.  I thought the cave below would keep him busy for hours letting his imagination go wild.  The canvas art is from Ikea and will look super cool on the main wall.  It is HUGE.  The other stuff is just knick-knacking shiz that I think would add some cute character.

What think?  Too busy?  Flat? Boring? 
Or, amazing?

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