Monday, March 17, 2014

Mama's room

So now for my dream room.  And yes I say my....
It has been a few years since the hubby and I have shared the same room.  Not because any love is lost, but because he makes a horrific noise when he sleeps.  And any of you who has a partner that snores, I feel for you.  It's so frustrating hearing your love one in a pure blissful sleep while you toss and turn. Or trying to rush to sleep because you know if he falls asleep first, your night is over.

  Nothing makes you want to suffocate someone more.  Anyways.  So, I dub thee, Mama's Master Room.  All girlie and all me.  And of course he can come visit when ever he wants.

I like clean lines, but not too modern.  I like a little bit of a rustic feel, mixed with a little romance.  

I will take some before and after shots after my vision is fully revealed.

I can't wait to sleep here!

1 comment:

  1. I just re-did my room and it feels so good! Kris sleeps with Kale in a different room (thank god - they BOTH snore!) and so it feels nice to have a little space of my own (well, currently shared with Bea). I love your inspiration.