Thursday, May 29, 2014

last day of preschool

Preschool is pretty frickin' amazing!  What kid wouldn't love preschool? Games, snacks, art projects, constant praise and tons of attention from the sweetest teachers.  And I swear there is something in the water that preschool teachers drink. Vodka?  But wait, maybe it is vodka.  Maybe that is their secret.  That warm demeanor, the endless smiles, and the lack of reaction to kids getting naked in class or pouring out an entire bottle of glue.  Vodka would definitely help me in those situations...

SO I kid.  But seriously, those teachers taught me how to be a better parent  To play with my child better, to be more patience and to listen.  I can't say it enough, I loved their school and truly hope they have room for us next spring as we try to sneak in again.

signing in
front roll
striking a pose
nice kicks

Popsicles, juice boxes and cupcakes all before noon.

The wonderful Mrs. Barbie
fixing the cars
snack attack
water day!

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