Friday, May 9, 2014

love when friends come to visit!!!

My sweet friend Megan can to visit for an extended weekend.  The great thing about Megan is she always makes time to come out for a visit.  We did a whole bunch of stuff.  Went to the zoo, she came to preschool and kindergym, she road bikes with Max while mama snuck in a quick snooze and drank lots of wine and margaritas with me. 

Pretty much sums up an awesome weekend. Oh and we went wedding dress shopping.  She is getting married in Mexico next February.  It was fun going with her.  Man it feel like a decAde ago since I did that. Oh wait....

It was great to see her face light up. And she looked like a beautiful bride!


Feeding giraffes

Goofing off


Monster Megan 

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