Thursday, May 29, 2014

a day on the central coast....

While my father was in town we decided to take a trip to Monterey and Santa Cruz.  About 40 years ago my dad was stationed at Fort Ord.  This is where I believe he started his military career.  Before they sent to him to Korea, before he met my mom.  I love listening to my dad retelling the stories of how he met my mom in Korea.  How she was a cocktail waitress and when he laid eyes on her, he knew he wanted to marry her.

I like to think when he brought her back to California she fell in love with it like I did.  But my Father  tells a different story.  He said that she was terribly homesick and wanted to go back to Korea.  Which  I can totally imagine and relate to.  Except she didn't even speak English, what a culture shock that has to be.   But I like to imagine her running on the beach and enjoying bonfires with my Father.  Both so young at the time, so full of life and possibilities.

Our weekend was similarity great.  We went the aquarium, where we saw tons sea life.  We ate yummy food and bought souvenirs. We also went to Santa Cruz and walked the boardwalk.  The best, however was watching my Father and Step Mother playing with Max.  He loved having them here and so did I.

a perfect mini cone!

Dennis the Menace park

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