Tuesday, June 3, 2014

more family, more fun...

My Father and the Hubbies Father overlapped one day in their vacations.  It was nice to have everyone here at once.  Felt like Christmas.  Max was in hog heaven.  Every where he ran he was greeted by smiles and hugs.  And I think the Grandparents may of slipped him pieces of candy too.  And I was told, that is just what Grandparents do.

So on this night we decided to have a big BBQ.  We invited my sweet neighbor who brought over sangria, and we invited our landscaper who we have made good friends with.  They made a huge pan of paella.  There was soooo much food! And beverages of course.  We had the music and fire going.  And of course laughter, lots of laughter.
A perfect evening.
Grampa Callagy 
s'mores? or rocks? Can't tell by my expression

Grampa McCallum
being sneaky
Bro and Sis-in-Law
(parents to be)
Backyard shenanigans

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