Saturday, June 21, 2014

old friends and new memories....

Santa Cruz is always a good time, and it is even better when you get to show it to someone for the first time.  My sweet friend from Alaska came to visit us with her man-child.  I say man-child because he is only 16, but is huge and man like.  To think I was in the room helping him come into this world.  Crazy to think who we were then and who we are now.  Even better, is the friendship that has lasted these 16+ years.

The weather was so hot while they were in town.  We kept cool by heading to Santa Cruz and Capitola.   We also lived by the pool.  I also got to experience my first case of car sickness with the monster.  Have I mentioned my hatred for vomit.  I feel I can tolerate a lot, but vomit is so wrong.  Max no longer can play iPad games or read while driving.  Lesson learned.  Cleaning vomit out of a car seat on the side of the freeway is not a pleasant experience.  You have been warned people.

A and T

our babies
coolest pirate kite
what's down there?
we really tried to win that damn minion

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