Thursday, June 5, 2014

mama-cation part II

So about a year and a half ago, my friend I went on a mama-cation.  It was heavenly, and it was also the first time I was away from Max for more than one night.  It was also the weekend I weaned Max completely away from my boob.  All major events.  And my sweet Hubby was totally up for the challenge, and I was told, the first night was ugly. Max was pretty pissed at Dad. 

We travelled to Santa Monica for a three day weekend adventure.  You can check it out here for a recap RECAP :)          

It was wonderful, so why not do it again?  This time our destination was San Diego.  Things were a tad different this time around.  Leigh was 7 months preggo so we had to curb her drinking. So the good friend I am, I drank for two.

Leigh was such a trooper.  We walked all over the city.  Her poor swollen feet.  It reminded me of those days where you couldn't wait for that baby to pop out.  But even in her discomfort, I was all green with envy (the good kind) counting down the days, or actually months now it till I am in that same wonderful boat.

We attended a comedy show, acted like tourists and rode the trolley, hit the beach, got pedicures and slept in.  Ah, sweet sweet sound sleep.  How I had missed you.

On a side note, the Rock and Roll Marathon was going on while we were there.  I have to admit, this did not motivate me in the slightest to get back on my exercising regime.  I'll start that next week.

they will even bring you shoes and work out clothes.....
Ah, no thanks.
pool side with my new hat Leigh got me for my BDay

Best sandy beach is in San Diego-Coronado

Some touristy shiz

The beautiful belly

And an oldie but goodie from the past....

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