Tuesday, September 11, 2012


This weekend was absolutely joyous.  A dear friend of mine, L and I flew to Santa Monica for a mama-cation, and as the word implies it was two fun mamas needing a serious vacation.

We left at the crack ass of dawn on Saturday to arrive poolside by 11:30 am.  Any why yes, the picture below is of a Mojito
And it was damn tasty!


This is me, in my favorite place of all time.  In bed.

trying on a lil facial hair. Like?

couldn't of asked for better weather

rented some bikes. Got our fitness on :)

L and I! Cheese!!!

Sassa Frass


  1. So much FUN!!! We need to do this again! Thanks for being such a fun & entertaining mama to travel with ("Mam...is that a medical device?"). Amazeballs


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