Friday, September 7, 2012

drinking problem?

On Tuesday we went to Alki for some fun in the sun.  We went with our friends, who we will call the "meatballs".  I loving term of endearment.  Anyways.  We played, we frolicked and then decided to go out to a nice dinner.  It was this fun, modern Mexican place right on the beach.  Scenic and ideal.  All up until Max starting puking.  And this wasn't the small variety, you know the ones that consist of only milk.  Oh, no.  There will all sorts of bits in there.  And not just once, but like three times till I could get and handle on him and myself to remove him from the highchair.  Ugh!
And my poor monster.  He was literally fine up in till the moment of projectile.  Laughing and eating chips and salsa.  So we, as parents do, went into hyper drive.  And I would say we were a pretty smooth operations  I was able to conceal the puke, so no other patrons would lose their appetite or their dinner, handed off Max to daddy and packed it up.  We got our food to go, I pounded my Mojitio, paid the bill and we were off.
  As if nothing every happened.
Max continued to puke all the way home, poor baby.  But once home, he perked right up.  My neighbor had some pedialyte so I was able to get Max hydrated.  It was the apple flavor one, and it oddly smelt like an appletini.  I thought it odd that a baby drink would smell of apple vodka but who was I to dwell on that.  Max loved it.  I could barely rip it from his little pudgy fingers, hence the drinking problem questions.

A sign on whats to come?


  1. I love Alki beach. My friend lives in West Seattle and everytime we go visit we oooh and ahhh over the view! Brixton has that same cup and also drinks like that (holding it with his teeth while in his mouth)! Sorry Max wasn't feeling well..:(

    PS I gave your package to my hubs to mail on Friday..and I just saw it on his'll be on it's way!!

  2. Super excited to get it! Oh boy!!!!! Alki is pretty wonderful!