Friday, September 28, 2012

Look who keeps growing....

My little Maximus is 15 months today.  And Yes, I am "one of those mothers"!  You know the ones, the ones that can't just say he's a year.  Nope I got to add every single month on.  And maybe, just maybe I will keep doing so till he's 4 and a half.  
So that would make him, um..........54 months old.

Today at his well baby check they told me that all is well.  His head is still HUGE.  No, but really it's in the 89th percentile. And his height.....13th percentile.  So yes folks, he resembles his father :).

He got two shots today.  
Have I mentioned before that this causes me great anxiety.  I have still held off on the MMR vaccine.  Not sure if or when I will do that one.  Guess I am just procrastinating.

But all looked good.  The monster is healthy and happy. And has a nice set of lungs on him to boot! As witnessed today after his shots.

Isn't he so handsome!

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