Wednesday, September 26, 2012

What doesn't kill us......

I realize that I have probably mentioned this before, that Max is showing his fair share of toddler tantrums.  I am still trying to navigate this.  Usually I just want to cover my ears and run.  But I understand this not the most positive response.  So as I am feeling my way around this "stage", I am trying to remind myself that #1 nothing lasts forever, and #2 what doesn't kill us makes us stronger.

This was until today. 

Today, as I took my phone away from Max, he began to throw his tantrum.  He flung his miniature body to the ground and began to wail.  I tried to redirect, showing him his cars, book, milk etc.  It didn't work.  I was sitting next to him when he flung his body on to mine.  Not, unusual.  He does this often.  I just let him.  But then I felt his tiny, sharp, needle teeth sink into my skin.
I yanked him off my back and yelled...
Sat him down, with some force, and ran away.

I was pissed! So pissed.  And maybe a tad irrational.  But you know that feeling, like when you stub your toe and you yell really bad words.  Perhaps worse than the typical F*#K.
Anyways, I ran to my deck; swearing, slammed the door and watched as Max screamed for me.  Tears running down his face. 
 I pretended they were "I'm sorry tears", "You're a wonderful mama and how could I have hurt you".  But we all know that wasn't what he was screaming.
No, he was probably screaming, "give me back that damn phone".

What doesn't kill us.....right?


  1. My son bit me so hard once that I did the same thing, put him down pretty forcefully, and turned around to the kitchen sink and bawled my eyes out. He was extremely remorseful, and hasn't done it since. Hopefully your son got the message and that will be the last time he does it. Ouch!

  2. I hope the message rang out loud and clear! But he's pretty stubborn. Good to hear that your lil one stopped. Maybe there is hope for me :)

  3. There is hope for sure! My little man did that too. He would come up to you and say "Bite? No bite? BITE!!!" AND THEN WOULD BITE. He especially liked to bite when you were at the sink doing dishes. Would literally bite you in the @ss. Funny thinking back on it? A little. But not so funny. They have sharp little teeth these monsters :)

    1. Ah, so you had a little warning :)
      Max likes to bite too when I am at the sink or making snacks. What is it about the kitchen?
      Such monsters.
      Thanks for reading :)