Thursday, September 20, 2012

sister act

Some people are born with siblings, and some just get collected along the way.

Below are my sisters.  Not from blood, but from the earth. 

You know in life, when things come together, and they just work?  
That is our story.

The details of our story can get a tad melancholy, as many stories do.  Perhaps later I will open that chapter, but for now I can tell you what came of it,


I gained two sisters at age 15, even though I knew them all my life.  I had never had sisters before, but our camaraderie was established long before I unpacked my bags.  Their mother, and my mother had been the best of friends, which meant of course us girls would become the best of friends.

35 years later, here we are.  Bridesmaids in my wedding, aunties to my monster, and tradition holders for the next generation of siblings that are to come, in what ever form they may hold.

They give me roots, and I will forever be thankful.

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