Friday, September 7, 2012

end of summer....sniff

What an amazing summer we have had! We started our summer in California back in April.  The weather in Seattle was still pretty crappy so we welcomed the California sun.  We got three good sunny months in where we beach hopped and played in kiddie pools.  Then headed back to the wonderful PNW to enjoy the summer only a PNWesterner can.  Summer came right on schedule too, July 5th.  We played at the lake, played on the deck, had BBQ's, went camping, had our first "overnight" with out the monster, had family come and visit us, Rode the Ducks, went to Vancouver BC, Alaska, and  Max turned one.  

Man, how lucky are we.  I couldn't of asked for a better summer.  Surrounded by friends and family. People we love!

 I feel DAMN lucky!

Hope you all had an amazing summer as well.  Until next year!!!

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