Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Labor Day weekend was gorgeous! Mid 70's and sun, sun, sun!

But, fall is in the air, you can smell it. 
 Although I am sad to say goodbye to summer, I am a tad bit excited to welcome the fall.  Crisp mornings and evenings, cozy sweaters and scarfs, hot coffee and long walks. 
But you know what goes equally well with all those stated above?
Tall boots, knee high boots, ankle boots, all boots!
I might have an un-natural love for them. 


I digress.  

So this weekend I decided to take my sisters and Max blueberry picking.  I hadn't done this before but had heard the murmurings of this fun pastime.  Once we arrived, we were given a bucket and pointed in the right direction.  My sisters are quite the pickers.  Max even helped out, however they mostly went into his mouth rather than the bucket.

After about an hour I think we had a few pounds of blueberries.  At least it looked like we did.  We paid our four dollars and we were off.

I'm looking forward to next season.  I wanna get my mitts on some strawberries, nectarines, and cherries.

natural born pickers
who wants a blueberry?
the cement truck had to make an appearance
I heart blueberries

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