Thursday, June 26, 2014


 Ol' Yosemite, you didn't disappoint.  Our yearly trip with the Cases was another success.  I believe this may be the 5th annual.  We have hit Santa Barbara, San Diego, Disney Land, Paso Robles, and now Yosemite.

It is cool watching Max and their kids meet yearly and pick up where they left off.  Now Ford is old enough to interact and Max kept calling him the baby.  Although in my mind, Max is still a baby too. They explored, hiked, boated, ate ice-cream and played.  What all young kids should do.  It was a pretty awesome trip, and Yosemite, it's gorgeous.  Majestic and magical, what you would expect.  We saw lots of deer, and even a wee baby one.  We splashed in the lakes, gazed at the brightest of stars, and got to catch up with old friends.

Where will next year take us?

swinging bridge, although it didn't swing?
such a ham
rocking the underpants
I can't get over that cute crack
work to do

El Capitan

its hard work climbing rocks

had to ride the steam train
all suited up
my brave boy let us pull him on the boat 
and Ford went nice and slow

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