Monday, January 16, 2012

and it continues.....

As you can see by the pretty little map, the Northeast is....well COLD! After surviving the day of below zero temperatures, we woke up to even colder ones.  No big deal I thought.  We have experienced cold nights here before.  As Rob and I got up this morning doing our normal routine I heard a loud *#@*& from Rob's mouth.  A stubbed toe I assumed.  Nope....better. Frozen pipes.  Well shit.  First we have no car and now no water. This posed an interesting set of problems.  HOW WAS I GOING TO GET MY COFFEE!

We search the condo for water bottles laying around hoping that we could scrounge up enough water to make a cup. We were unsuccessful.  Very sad :(

Needless to say all ended up fine.  The car got a new battery and after several hours of putting a space heater next to some exposed pipes we had running water again.

And thankfully we were able to enjoy a nice cup of coffee, even if it was at 2:00 pm.

Pretty views, even if it is freezing out

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