Monday, January 16, 2012

More Vermont adventures

This week cabin fever set in for this mama.  I can only stare at the walls and my cute baby for so long before I start talking to inanimate objects, and actually waiting for a response.  SO this weekend we decided to go out on the town, know what I mean.

I had saw some antique shops that looks super cute so we checked some of those out.  I saw some pretty neat stuff but held back my urge to purchase everything.  I have a few things I am on the hunt for, so I must keep focused :)

Then we went to the local Apple Cider Mill.  It was neat.  The thing I love about Vermont is that they really support their state.  Most products are made in Vermont and it feels good to buy locally. 

maple butter, apple butter, maple jams...all local and yummy

although cold, it was a beautiful clear day

We couldn't stay out too long because it was SO very cold out.  This day, the high was about 9 degrees.  It got to be a little too uncomfortable.

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