Thursday, January 5, 2012

Half a year already

Has half a year gone by already?
6 months! 
26 weeks
183 days!

Little Maxwell is following along on his milestones quite nicely :)  He now sits up by himself (for moments at a time) He is on all fours a lot and isn't liking being on his back much.  He is very eager to eat new food, or any food at that matter.  He throws little tantrums when frustrated.  He is starting to recognize his name, and babbles all the time. He also loves to be tickled, recognizes faces and can travel some distance on his own, just not going forward.  His bedtime routine is still tricky.  Although he falls a sleep on his own, he rarely gives mama more than 3-4 hours of consecutive sleep. I am confident he will grow out of this, and I am patiently, patiently waiting.

notice the onesie......nice!!!

And here are some oldies.  I gasp a little when I see how small he was. 
2 months

man huh, look at that belly......and head :)

3 months

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