Tuesday, April 10, 2012

9 months....

So our little bean is now nine months, (well actually nine and a half as of now).  He is doing very well according to his pediatrician.  His weight has slowed a little, thank god.  He only gained a pound in the last two months.  His head size remains.....large. Not surprising.  He got another four shots, which I hate, and had his first reaction.  He had a mild fever for two nights.  Again, making it hard for me to keep on his vaccination schedule.  With all the literature out there, some pro and some con, I can't help but STILL feel so torn on the vaccination issue.  I think what it comes down to is my gut tells me not to, but his doctor and Rob trust science and medicine, and convince me it is the best way to go.  Ugh. I suppose that's another blog entry :)

But here is our little bean.  He is still cruising around furniture, standing with out assistance, banging on anything that echoes, and smiling at everything.  Which I love.  He also has another little tooth coming in.  That's five now.

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