Sunday, April 15, 2012

Twenty Years.....

I know this blog is mainly about Max, but I felt that today I needed to pay tribute to another family member.  Twenty years ago this day, my Mother, Max's Grandmother was taken from us far to early.

Twenty years ago I was Fifteen. I am now creeping up on Thirty Five.  Where does the time go? How am I at an age now where I can say....Twenty years ago......, and it now feel so far away?

In the Twenty years that have pasted since my mother died, I want to say that her absence has gotten easier.  That isn't entirely the truth.  Yes, the sting of that day has numbed a bit, but the emptiness that only a mother can fill is still, well, empty.   And as I write this, I wonder why I feel compelled to share these thoughts.  I guess it is in a way a tribute to her.  So that she knows, Max knows and I know that there is a special love that only a mother can share with her child, and today, I miss that love so very much.

However, a day does not go by that I am not extremely thankful for the family that surrounds me.  I've married a wonderful man, who gave me Max, and so much more than I ever knew I wanted. I am also surrounded by surrogate family that enrich my life daily and with out them, I would be hollow.

So I guess I can end this post with saying, although Twenty years ago I wondered what my future held, today, Twenty years later I can say, everything.

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