Monday, April 9, 2012

Please stand by......

So I know I haven't posted lately, so I wanted to write a little disclaimer. Please stand by while we experience some technical difficulties. Since arriving in California, our Internet has been down and I have had to abandon my blog (well the picture portion mostly). We are hoping for it to be up and running soon.

So to catch you up.....we arrived in Stockton on Sunday after spending the weekend with our friends in Bend, Or. It's always great to see Dawn,Eli and the girls. The only bummer was Rob was sick. He had come down with a cold and an ear infection,and sadly, Max was just behind him.

Stockton has been nice. The weather has been great, landing in the 70's some days. But I think the best thing is waking up to sunshine and birds chirping. Great way to start the day.

I have a lot planned for us while we are here. We are going to head to LA again to see the Case family. We are also going to drive to the redwoods, which I am super excited about. I think we will also make the trek to Santa Barbra, and Yosemite. We will have lots on our plate and I think it will be super fun. In my down time, I've signed up for baby boot camp ( a fitness class), started sewing, and will be experimenting with new recipes, which if you are lucky I might post :)

Don't worry though, pictures of Max are soon to come. And I know that is really the only reason you all stop by :)


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