Tuesday, April 10, 2012


We were very excited to celebrate Easter this year with Max.  It was like a preview of what is to come.  There is something magical about the holidays that I think as adults, we eventually lose. Of course that makes sense and all.  It might be a little strange starting off a conversation at work...."guess what the Easter Bunny left me last night," or "man, the tooth fairy is getting a little stingy these days, what am I suppose to do with a stupid quarter?"

However, I can remember that magic.  Being a little girl and searching my living room for eggs.  Eggs that I had colored and decorated the night before.  I can remember getting my Easter basket and being so excited to see what treats were waiting for me. It was a fun time.  I can't wait doing that for Max! Experiencing that magic again, but now through his eyes.

lil bunny fufu

Oz always wants in on the action

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