Friday, February 28, 2014

all work and no play

So although Panama had some bummer bumps, it also had some fantastic points.  We lived for the pool and beach.  We got much relaxing done, as well as drinking.  Max would not get out of the water for anything.  Maybe french fries, but before we could finish our lunch, Max was already saying, "more swim, more swim".  Can could you fault him.  It was super fun!  We hit a couple pools on the up and up, and some (only two) where we were less honest.  But what we didn't pay for in hotel stays, we made up for in drinks and lunch.  We hit three beaches, Playa Bonita, Isla Grande, and San Carlos.  All were nice, but Isla Grande took the cake.  The Caribbean waters are gorgeous and so warm.  The Island was a little funky but you come to expect that after a month of travel there.  But we did meet some nice people while on Isla Grande.  That is always a bonus when traveling.  Meeting other foreigners and getting there back story.

Playa Bonita 

Hubby doing some work
Bike ride on the Causeway

The happy couple
Isla Grande
Max didn't like the waves as much as the pool.
Caribbean waters


looking at fishes
A restaurant where you could jump into the ocean
after you
had a bite to eat.
He is so happy in the water
By the end of the trip Max had learned how to
hold his breath under water and
kick his feet to the surface.
So proud of him!

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