Sunday, February 9, 2014


The sole reason I picked Pamama to travel to was so that we could study Spanish abroad. It has always been a goal of mine.

Ideally I wanted us to stay with a host family so we were really immersed in the language and culture. That didn't really work because the hubby needed a space to work and he did feel that he would be totally comfortable working in someone's house. I could understand that. So we went with an apartment.  Our apartment is super nice and comfy (minus the whole break-in  thing). It's in the center of old Panama, caf├ęs and restaurants. We can walk to a grocery store and catch a cab for about 5 dollars to anywhere downtown.

We started class the day after we arrived.  8-12pm. They weren't joking when they said intensive.  My coffee hadn't really set in before I was listening to my instructor speak only in Spanish. "Come se dice" and "Que.?" where probably my most spoken phrases by me that first week.

Pretty much instantly I was reminded of high school. I hated school. I hated waking up in the morning, I hated sitting in class. I hated it all. And now, now I'm paying to go to school?  I kept reminding myself that this will be an awesome experience!

And it was. Even though I may of wined every morning, it was awesome.  The teachers we so kind and patient. The subjects were interesting and we even had a teacher with a good sense of humor.  After he got comfortable with us he began teaching us bad words. A true sign of a good teacher.

I can say the hubby and I do pretty well rapping in Spanish to the locals. It's hard starting a conversation off the cuff, but  that is what google translate is for :). If anyone is thinking about studying Spanish abroad I recommend doing so. Not sure I would recommend Panama though. But that is another post entirely!  

Board games in espanol

Homemade cheat sheet on the wall

The workbook

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