Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Panama (ready for some pictures)

So we have been home now for two weeks and things are back to normal. We are back on a good routine and all is well in the world, aren't you glad?

Max loved returning home.  It was like Christmas.  He hadn't had his bazillion cars at his disposal so it was a pretty beautiful reunion.  It was sort of nice cause he wanted nothing to do with me so I could get straight to the business of unpacking.  I hate unpacking.

The weather greeted us with the same smug smile. And I think threw in a little extra rain cause he missed us.  I do miss the sun of Panama, but you can keep the stinkin' hot weather, and crazy humidity!
So here are some of the pictures we took while we were away.  I will put them in to a few different posts so not to bore you death.

fresh coconut water
Max drank it up!

view from Casco Viejo

I loved all the street around around Casco.

Diablo Rojo (as Max called it, Monster Bus).
We rode one of these during our trup.  Max loved it.  The take old
school busses and sup them up all crazy like.  Black light and loud music.  t
They are pretty cool.
Hanging in the mall to stay cool.  This
was an indoor train.  Not to shabby for this guy.

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