Wednesday, February 26, 2014

and then....

These were taken on a tour we "fell into".  I have always been a big fan of the "hop on hop off" tours, which I probably stated before.  We on our way to the bus stop and I got turned around and had to ask for directions.  I asked a cab driver standing on the side of the road.  He quickly dissuade us to not take the tour, but to ride with him instead.  That he would show us his beloved Panama privately.  That we would be in control of the tour and he would take us anywhere we wanted to go.  And for ten dollars cheaper than the bus.  I was reluctant at first, but when I took into account that this might be better with Max, I reconsidered (in case we needed to leave early, or whatever).  We agreed and it actually turned out to be quite nice.  

He took us to all the hot spots, and let us stay or leave when ever we were ready.  Nicer than the bus, because once you got off, you had to wait another hour to catch the next.  We went to the Canal, or Mira Flores, Anton Hill, Amador Causeway were we saw a sloth in a tree and other creepy crawlies, and old Panama.  Old Panama was cool.  It was all ruins.  It was nice to step back into time, and to see what remains.

View of the city from Anton Hill
The family
a gross spider
termite nest, these were everywhere.
Cargo ship passing through the canal.

Panama Viejo (old Panama)
Where they originally settled, and were then set on fire after
Capital Henry Morgan had his way with then.
Coincidentally, no Capital Morgan Rum
was sold in Panama,

"Q" comes everywhere
was super big and gross
Plaza Bolivar, right where we stayed

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