Tuesday, February 4, 2014


What a trip! From my last post you can clearly see that we are loving Panama. Days are hot and nights are cool! This week was turning out to be just as great as our first one!

We snuck into the Hard Rock Hotel and used their pool.  That's right, we are rebels.  Our teacher told us that his friend did it for a week straight.  He pretended to be a guest and used the pool everyday.  SO I thought why not.  The days were burning hot and nothing sounded better than dipping into a pool for the afternoon.  So we pulled up, and walked in like we belonged there.  However, it didn't go as smoothly as it did for our "friend".  We laid out our towels and slathered sun screen all over our bodies. I thought it would be great if we ordered a round of drinks.  "What room?" He asked.  In my broken Spanish I said that we would just pay cash.  "Perfecto".  Sweet we thought as we jumped into the pool.  Except now a woman came over who appeared to be the manager.  "What room are you staying in".  At this time, I had to think on my feet.  "Oh we aren't staying here, but my Father is and he told us to come and enjoy the pool while he is at work.  He didn't tell us his room number.  Is there a problem?"

Needless to say it all worked out in our favor.  We enjoyed the pool and the many drinks that followed.

However, Karma is a bitch.....

The weekend arrived and we jammed it full of fun stuff.  Saturday was a tour of Panama.  I thought it would be fun to take the Hop On, Hop Off bus around the city.  For those who haven't done this or are afraid of looking like silly tourist, don't be.  It's super fun and a great way to see all the sites.  These plans were scratched as we ran into a taxi driver who insisted he give us the same tour and at lower rate.  And the bonus, we could pick all the destinations and the lenght of time we wanted to stay at each.  This turned out to be great. Although I think Max felt gypped.  We saw the Panama Canal, Anton, Old Panama City and the Amador Causeway.  It was a great day!

Sunday we booked a tour to Monkey Island.  This took us on a full day boat trip.  We saw a Crocodile and tons of cute little monkeys that we were able to feed.  Max got to feed a monkey. How cool is that.  So after a day of playing on a boat, eating lunch on a house boat and relaxing in a hammock we returned home.

As we walked up to the front door of our building I noticed some scratch marks that I hadn't noticed before.  I showed everyone but no one seemed to think they were new scratches.  We joked as we walked up the stairs as if we could ever be robbed. And that is when I saw it.  Our door broken and opened.

So yeah, we were robbed.  Laptop taken.  My Sisters in Laws camera, earings and purse also stolen.  

Well shit! It can't always be roses right????

I am determined to not let this ruin my time here.  Althought it did take me a few days to come around and to have that icky feeling leave me.  It's been about ten days now and I feel ok about it all.  Shit happenes and with the good comes some bad.  In the end we are all safe and all that was taken can be replaced.

We have continued to have adventures, and lots of laughs.

I will fill you in on all that soon.

And sorry about the choppy post. It's hard doing this with on an iPhone!


At the Hardrock...shhhhhh

The Causeway

Sad face :(

Look Ma, no car seat! Ugh!!!!


  1. Your trip sounds so amazing (especially since I'm watching a snowstorm blow by outside my window as I read your post). I'm so sorry that you got robbed, but am glad you're keeping positive.

  2. Robbed?! Oh no!!!!! I'm glad it didn't dampen your spirits :)