Monday, July 14, 2014

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It's interesting this whole blogging thing.  I am not super savvy at it.  At first I did it to reflect.  Then I did it to gather followers (but that was no fun and felt false and forced) and now I do it to vent, journal and catalog memories of our life.  It's the perfect modern journal I guess. I've always journaled, but now this one has a special motivation.  And I like the fact that friends and family can read up to see what were are doing, and to make sure were are surviving all the lovely chaos that ensues when you have a family.

Anyways, I started this post because I was reading the blog at Harvesting Kale. Such a cute blog.  I have probably been following it now for 2+ years.  What is interesting or odd is that you really become invested in those you follow.  Routing them on, emphasizing with their ups and down, or becoming inspired.  That is what I like about this blog.  It stops me from time to time to blog about what is "currently happening" in my world.  And I like that!

Theme: celebrating, growing, playing, setting, feeling

This month we are celebrating Max's Third Bday.  I can't begin to explain the change I see in him everyday.  Some times its slow and steady and sometimes he seems to wake up years older.  Like tonight, we were quietly bike riding around Century Link Field (what I have for a backyard) and he stopped and said, "oh shit".  I was like, what? And he repeated it like three times.  As to just make sure I got it right.  Crazy thing is, I don't' recall saying that today, or yesterday.  Don't get me wrong, I swear, but shit! I didn't realize this was now a word in his vocabulary.

Max is growing, growing, growing, as said in the above paragraph.  Tonight as I was putting him to bed (in his new big boy loft bed) he said to me, "I was a bad boy?"  Since he said it in a question, I asked him-"were you a bad boy today"?  He said "yeah".  I mean, since when did we start having these conversations.  It instantly tug at my heart and I grabbed him and kissed him.  "There is always tomorrow sweetie".  "We can be good together tomorrow".  Which he immediately replied with, "and eat lots and lots of candy".  "We'll see".

Max loves playing on his bike.  He wants to ride it everyday, all the time.  He is quite good too.  But man do we need a new helmet.  This kid is destined for a concussion.

Our setting has now changed from small town, to bigger town.  Stockton is slow and steady.  And Seattle is, not.  I forgot how everyone is in a hurry here.  A hurry to really go no where.  To sit in grid lock.  It pass one car, just to sit one car a head in a massive traffic jam.  Ugh, I hate Seattle traffic.  Also, our setting is a lot louder now, and busy.  Some I missed.  All the energy and life in the streets.  There is a real feeling of being alive where all the action is.

Max seems to be feeling pretty ballsy.  He turned Three and hasn't looked back.  He is mouthy, more defiant, and whiny.  It is driving me crazy.  And to think I am feeling sad about not getting pregnant.  

Maybe it is the universe saying "you are not ready"? Maybe?

Pike's Market in PS

Big boy bed
Jazz hands


  1. I am so shocked that Kale hasn't started swearing like a sailor yet, since I can't seem to stop myself. I'm just waiting the day for him to utter a casual "f//k" under his breath while playing with his lego. It is destined to happen!

    Three is tough, friend. Like it legitimately kicked my ass. Good luck and drink wine.

  2. I forsee a lot of wine in my future

  3. I remember when Otto spilled a bag of magnets when he was three and looked at me and said, "Is it fuck? It's fuck mom, isn't it?" That's the day I stopped dropping f-bombs! Ergh the whining stage is just ergh ergh ergh. I concur with Randalin on the good luck and wine wishes.

  4. Is it fuck? I love it! Ha! Glad I'm not the only one!