Thursday, July 10, 2014


Our time in California flew by, as it always does.  This trip however was so busy.  We had tons of visitors, and tons to do.  Moving into our new house was so exciting and we didn't waste anytime getting our garden ready.  I always wanted one and this one did not disappoint.  And I can't believe our good fortune.  The veggies that have come have been greater than I had imagined.

Max also attended his first preschool in California.  That was also super fun for us.  Max always asked for school and still does even though it is out for the summer.  Oh and he is now fully potty-trained!! What what!

The hubby started his garage project (pictures to come) and has finally bought his long awaited sports car.  (mid-life criss????)  But it's really cool to see his goals come to life.  He has been saving for years for his car, his new baby.

But now we head back North to spend the rest of the year, which will be equally amazing.  My BFF is having her first baby, and my other dear friend is having her second baby girl.  I will be busy as ever, which I like.  And if any luck I will too, conceive our second bundle of joy. 
Good bye California, see you..........not really sure when.

Hammocks from Panama
enjoying the view on the front porch
nuggle time
soaking in the rays

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  1. LOVE the side by side hammocks! That is such a brilliant idea.

    I'm happy that you guys enjoyed your time in California, but even happier to hear that there might be a baby #2 in the not so distant future :)