Sunday, July 6, 2014

practice round

This trip to California has been pretty delightful.  One of those reason being is this lil family.  It really does take a village you know.  To make a place feel like home, one needs to set up a community.  And this time in California I feel like I have accomplished that.  It has always been a difficult task.  It is hard setting up roots in a place when you only are there for a season.  But this season was a little different. When I arrived in March I told myself I was going to really put myself out there.  Meet people and try to really connect.  And it worked.  I met me some really awesome moms.  We even had a few ladies night with wine and good eats.  So nice to have some time with out monsters so that we can talk about how bad they are. :)

I convinced one of my friends to let me take pictures of them.  My skills were getting a bit rusty.  I am thankful for her and her daughter for letting me use them (who Max shares the same birthday, coincidence?), and for being my friend!

a lil photo bomb 

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