Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Family Pictures year Three

As much as the hubby belly aches about getting his pictures done, I know in 20 years from now he will really appreciate it.  Myself, I love them and look forward to them every year.  Which says a lot because I hate having my picture taken.  You have to trust your photographer to make you look....presentable.  And Max, he looks so handsome.  Although he wouldn't keep his tongue in his mouth for most of them.  Also another great skill of a photographer!  Shooting toddlers is no joke, but so worth it when you get that shot!

And I am loving the wagon! 


  1. These pics are great! I wish we'd put more effort into getting regular family pictures. I just noticed the other day that we didn't have a proper picture as a family of four! #parentfail

    1. well if you are even in Seattle, I'd love to shoot your family :)