Monday, July 7, 2014

look who turned three...

First let me say sorry for the pant load of pictures, but what can I say.  It was his third Birthday party people.  Big day! Big deal!

This year I opted to not have a party at home where I would spend hours picking out cute decor and appetizers recipes and balloons and favors get it.  I wanted it quick and simple.  Something that the adults could enjoy and the kids.  SO, we picked Seattle Playdate.  This awesome indoor play structure that serves good food, and adult beverages! 

We had cupcakes, pizza, wings and tons of juice (and ciders for mama). It was awesome. Max ran around for about 4 hours straight.  He was mesmerized by the presents and attention (although he was pretty scared for the first hour).

It was great to see all our friends too.  It has been almost four months.  Love having all my favorite people in one space.

Happy Birthday to my favorite three year old.  You make this mama so happy!

You complete me.........snarf!

Mama and Ava
My ladies

More and more legos

Ra, Ra, Ra

Shea monster

disclaimer: Beer was for hubby lol
sibling love

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