Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Birthday parties!!!

My sweet boy turned three this week! Three! Holy moly has three years flown by.  And I hate how everyone says that.  Once you have kids the time time will escape you.  But damn it! It is too true.  So the only thing I can do is cherish all my time with him.  That even when he is driving me crazy and there is no safe place for me to hide, I will cherish that time.

We are planning his Birthday party for Seattle so we had just a little bit of birthday fun for the monster.  Breakfast (milk) and a toy in bed.  Then some presents from family, and then off to a Birthday party for his sweet friend Grace.  She shares the same Birthday!




The Par-tay!  How cute is Gracie's mom for creating this magical place for the kids to play.  The theme: Gracie's Wild West!
Part of the crazy crew.  Max refused the paparazz 

Baby K, and Mama A
and they had a live band, Stockton's own,
The Afternaps
the kids loved it
Max always looks a bit shell shocked with
these wild and lovely ladies

cutie patotie

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