Wednesday, February 6, 2013

and just a little more Anchor-town

I wasn't able to snap too many shots while in Anchorage, but I managed a few.  I haven't really taken many photos at all actually.  I've lost some motivation in that area.  I need to regroup and get back out there.  I need some damn inspiration.  Max can't be my only muse...its too much pressure on a young kid.

sunrise at 9am
sky bridge, Max loved the cars
Big foot, and little foot
fishy eye


  1. Some people post too many pics... u put a couple great ones. U should make ur next trip out here to the sunshine with some of our cousins for ur next photo shoot!!!!!! Lol I would love to meet lil Max!!!

    1. I didn't know you looked at this blog..aren't you sweet! I'd love to make a trip down there!!!!!!!! I will be in RI in October though. Maybe you should come up?