Friday, February 8, 2013

Whose a ham?

Max finally had his 18 month visit, only a month late.  But who is counting.  His height is in the 40% (what you get for having a short Asian mom).  Weight is in the 70% and Head circumference, well that remains to be in the 100%.  Man, I hope he grows into that head.  Still damn cute to me though, I mean look at him!!!

He is saying a lot of words now and will mimic what you say. (gotta curb that potty mouth of mine).  He will say love you, when I do.  It is the sweetest thing.  He also says cracker, boat, bee, lela (for Stella, his friend), keys, hoo hoo for owls, bite, shoes, "oh no", up, help, and of course CAILOU!

He is wanting to walk everywhere so I try to leave the stroller at home.  He is learning how to jump, and really wants to walk stairs with mama's help.  He laughs all the time, and it totally cracks me up.  He loves to hug mama, and that melts my heart.

He's also super, super clingy right now.  I can barely go to the bathroom with out him shouting, "mama, mama?" Mostly cute, but a little annoying.  I know it is just a phase so I try to embrace it, cause soon I know he will want nothing to do with me.

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