Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Yeah you!

Some times you just need to hear that. 

 I don't like to admit this, but from time to time, I need a freaking pat on the back.  You know, to hear, "job well done".  Who doesn't like to hear they are doing a good job?  The problem is, we get way to comfortable in what is it that we do and we just start taking shiz for granted.  Like having a hot meal prepared for you when you get home.  Or a clean kitchen.  Or a clean child even.  If it's done day in and day out, you start to expect it.  And you know what that does?  Breeds resentment.  Does it sound as is if I am speaking from experience?  Highly possible. 

 But it does go both ways.  Do I thank the hubby every month for paying the electric, or insurance?  Filling the tank?  No.  Not every month.  And like he says, he gets to buy the thankless stuff.  And he is right. But for some reason, my work, a mothers work seems much bigger, and far more important than GAS!  

But does this thought process get me anywhere? Not really.  Grumpy I suppose.  So instead of letting these feelings fester up in me, I take a moment and figure out how I can talk to the hubby about my needs, and wants and try my hardest to not let it come out as if I am nagging or belittling what he does do.  Because he does do a lot.  

But some times a mama needs to hear it.  And maybe even every day.  But damn it, as my hubby puts it, I am the freakin' CEO of the house and that title demands some respect!!!



  1. I love these add posts! I hear ya Mama, it's nice to have your hard work appreciated!! Well done!! Xxx

    1. Thanks lady! We all deserve a nice pat on the back, and maybe a cupcake too :)