Monday, February 18, 2013


I am finishing my second bowl of cinnamon toast crunch cereal, listening to Adele in the back ground, and taking in this moment of quiet.  All by myself.  That's right, alone.  Single, solitary, solo, stag.

How did I score this?  Have I locked my family in the bathroom so that I could get a moment of solitude?  Not quite.  But not a a bad idea either.  Actually a perfect little opportunity presented it's self this weekend.  Our friends the S's were headed out of town and needed some one to watch their beloved pet.  Of course we offered because that is what friends do. But then the pot got a little sweeter as my brain crossed over onto the dark side.....Wait a minute I thought.  Instead of watching Brooklyn at our house, I could just watch her, at HER myself.  You know, stay the night even, to ensure her utmost comfort and safety.  Did I mention...BY MYSELF.

My hubby graciously agreed that I did indeed need a "break".  Considering I can't seem to kick this almost 90 day cough that has now decided its going to kill me.  Seriously, I now have horrible rib pain from the coughing and vomiting.  I suppose the hubby had some pity on me.

So Alas, I am typing away, slurping my cinnamon flavored milk, in silence.

Such a foreign concept in my life right now, but I am trying to embrace it.


Feels so weird not to be woken up.

Now I need to be clear.  It's not like I needed to get away, or that I feel so overworked or overwhelmed by life.  Its just that these sweet opportunities don't occur often, and I know when to cash those in.

At first I have to admit, I was nervous I would be bored.  And I did suffer from a little mama guilt.  But that changed pretty quickly.  I drank a few lattes, curled up on their couch with a nice blanket and watched one documentary after another.  I was actually saddened at how fast time flee by.

I think the one thing as parents we take for granted is silence, quiet.  I mean, you will get some after the monsters go to sleep or during nap, but usually your brain is still to busy to fully turn off.  But real silence, real quiet-the kind that happens when you have nothing on your plate.  That sort of bliss happens very rarely, but when it does......its wonderful!

fabulous machine! Makes a perfect latte
not a bad view for a walk
got to watch my all time favorite movie
provisions for the weekend...don't judge

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