Wednesday, February 20, 2013

we're gonna hafta pass...

Well its been almost a week since our first day at Preschool.  Like I mentioned before, I wasn't sure how it sat with me.  Now I have nothing to compare it to, but it didn't hit that warm fuzzy button I was banking on.  The teachers, if they could be called that weren't the most friendly or engaging, and the house did feel like a preschool, it felt more like someones home with a kids kitchen and table in the middle.  And then there was that funny smell....right? Odd.

So I am will willing to over look my own pre-conceived notions on what a school should be or entail. I was even willing to give it another go and try to communicate with teachers more.  But the final decision maker for me was that I never got a follow up email or call regarding our first day.  No, "how did you like it?"  Or "how do you think Max did?" "Any questions?"  Nothing.  SO either they are just so laxed that they don't follow up with new parents, or they are just too busy to keep track of what is going on. Either way, I don't feel comfortable leaving my monster in a place that is overly lackadaisical or so busy that they can't send an email.

Am I disappointed?  A little.  I was excited for this new chapter in Max's development. I envisioned him coming home with little art projects and such.  But all in good time.  No need to rush.  I will revisit it again after he turns two, and only if it feels right.

Any other stories like this out there?

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