Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Currently-a link up

So I have done this a few times.  I like it.  I like her themes.  Pulls me out of my head a bit.

Any ways, I take direction from Harvesting Kale.  She posts the themes, and I willingly follow.  Go check her out. Super cute blog.


Max is taking his sweet time wanting to get his diaper changed.  As if all of a sudden it was open for discussion.  He is also always wanting to take a toy with us when we leave the house, kind of cute.

Max is also giving his mama hugs and kisses.  Not usually when I ask, but beggars can't be choosers.  He is also giving his mama a lot of tude, as in attitude.  "No" seems to be his favorite word.  Although I am starting to appreciate it because at least I know when he doesn't want something.

Max is teaching his daddy how to be a master contractor.  When Daddy is hammering away on the door or what ever project his has going, Max lines himself right beside him to help out.

Max is learning so much.  He is starting to pick up crayons to color, he is leaning more words, like "love you".  He has also learned how to knock on doors, all doors.

Max is looking in the sky now.  He is amazed my airplanes and always points to them.

I am taking Mucinex, NyQuil, Aleve and Ricolas to soothe and heal my cold.  Which I have had for three months now.  Not happy!

I am giving myself a break.  Some mama time.  Peace time if you will.

I am teaching myself about healthy eating and juicing.  How to be and let my family be the best they can be.  I recommend, Hungry for Change, and Sick, Fat and Nearly Dead.  Good documentaries.

I am learning about how to be a better sister, friend, wife and mama.  

I am looking forward to a weekend at the cabin with some friends, looking forward to the California sunshine, and looking forward to feeling better.


  1. California sunshine?! I'm so jealous! I need a good dose of Vitamin D!

    Kale went through a stage when he wanted to take every.single.toy with him every time he left the house. It was cute....but the car got kind of crowded after awhile :)