Sunday, February 10, 2013


I had a much needed bestie day this weekend. We started nice and early, for her anyways. By the time she got me, I had fed the Monster, changed two diapers and watched multiple episodes of Caillou. All while slapping on some make up and some skinny jeans.

We had some sushi for lunch, meandered in and out of stores, ( I'm looking for the perfect jean, and was not successful), frank coffee and bought some new shelac for my face. Pretty successful!

We ended the day at my house, order pizza and drank too much soda. I don't even think we turned on the TV.

Sometimes that's all you need to regroup. A little girl time. Laughing about how our asses have gotten bigger, our bullshit tolerance has gotten lower and how our friendship just keeps getting stronger!

Hope all you mama's out there are getting your bestie time in!

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