Tuesday, December 31, 2013

And to all, a good night!

Christmas was pretty awesome at our house.  Nothing fancy or over the top, just your normal sort of awesome! We woke, threw on some Christmas jams, had some coffee and got to it.  Max knew it was a special day I think.  He immediately walked over to a present, grabbed it and handed it to me.  "Mama open?"

It was funny to me that he didn't want to open the gifts but rather have me do it.  Opening presents is the best.  The element of surprise, the riping and the tearing! I am sure next year he will be all about it!

The Hubby and I put ourselves on a budget this year, because our up coming trip to Panama is plenty! So we had to get creative.  I have to give him props.  The Hubby did very well and I have to admit, I was skeptical.  But he was so thoughtful and really paid attention to the things I would like or need.  I didn't even give him any hints. Such a sweet heart.  Max made out like a bandit, as I assume all small children did.  He got cars galore! I think he is set for the year!

Hope your Christmas was awesome as well!  

of course Oz needed his toys too

Love the annual Hess rig!
a future rockstar?

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