Thursday, December 26, 2013

craft night #2

Our second annual craft night extravaganza was also a hit.  A handful of girls got together to craft, drink and eat.  And one cute small girl also made an appearance, hence the sippy cup amongst the wine glasses.

Since it is December, obviously we stuck with in the Christmas theme.  Leigh and I made a paper wreaths made from the pages of books.  Nicole and Annemarie made rosemary wreaths.  Merry and Christina made vision boards (think the Secret) and Leigh's mom made the cutest place settings. (see post Christmas Eve). It is nice to have time away to focus on one project.  It almost forces us to slow down.  I mean we all pin projects like crazy, its time we start actually making some shiz!

sippy cup and all
I brought the sweets...
so serious crafters
almost done....
super cute right!

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