Friday, December 13, 2013

cookies and holiday cheers!!!!

Of course this time of year is special.  Magical too.  Max seems to love the idea of Santa, but is more impressed with the ideas of toys.  I can't get a box inside the door with out him thinking it is for him and that it contains TOYS. Well cars to be more precise.  And of course I don't want this holiday to be all about receiving.  A hard task indeed when everything seems to revolves around buying toys, receiving toys and enjoying new toys.

My favorite Christmas memory is of my father.  We opened our presents on Christmas Eve in our house, which was odd to me, but hey I got to open my gifts before my other friends.  My parents would put me to sleep and then come wake me a few hours later.  ( Do you know how hard it is to fall asleep like that, the pressure)  One Christmas Eve my Father yelled, "Hurry come quick Santa is leaving, look out the window, you might catch a glimpse".  And I had my nose pressed so hard against the window hoping to sneak a peek.   Maybe next year I thought.
 That for me was awesome, and magical.  

I hope to see that same sparkle in Max's eyes one day.

Watching Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer
Yum, coooookkkkkiiiiessss
not to shabby
Our first ornament. 

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