Sunday, December 8, 2013


It's cool when you see your kids, "get it".  I started taking Max to the aquarium when he turned one.  He seemed interested, but he didn't really get it. Even as the months went on, he didn't really seem to care.  Mostly he just enjoyed running around the aquarium and if a fish caught his eye, cool, but otherwise he was too busy racing down the ramps to be bothered by sea life.

But recently I asked him if he wanted to go see the fishes and he said YES. I was surprised and thought maybe he heard me say fire truck or something.  But no, he actually wanted to see the fishes.  I was so thrilled.  When we got there, he was all about it.  And ever since then he has started asking to go see the fishes.  He points out the octopus, jelly fish and otters.  I simply love it!  I can't wait to see what he gets next!

look ma'

We even got an octopus sticker!
otters eating lunch!

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